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The DIABETES DRUG ACTOS® has been linked to bladder cancer, especially in men. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with BLADDER CANCER and took the diabetes drug ACTOS®, you could be entitled to MONETARY COMPENSATION. Complete the form below, or call one of our experienced attorneys TOLL FREE at 1 (855) 839-9097.
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The Diabetes Drug Actos has been linked to increased risk of bladder cancer, especially in men.

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Diabetes Drug Actos® Linked to Bladder Cancer

Recent studies have linked the diabetes drug Actos® to an increased risk of bladder cancer, especially among older men. Bladder cancer is often diagnosed after the patient experiences symptoms of blood or blood clots in the urine (hematuria), painful urination, frequent urination of small amounts, and frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Bladder Cancer

FDA - The United States Food and Drug AdministrationRecent scientific literature strongly associates the development of bladder cancer among older men who took ACTOS® to control their Type-2 diabetes.

The risk of bladder cancer has been added to the label of the diabetes drug, Actos® (pioglitazone). The new warning was approved Aug. 5, 2011 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after interim findings from a 10-year study showed that patients exposed to the drug for long periods of time might have an increased risk of bladder cancer.

While patients never exposed to pioglitazone had no increased risk of bladder cancer, those taking the drug for a year or more had a 40 percent increased risk of the disease. The study was published in the journal Diabetes Care.

Pioglitazone is sold in the United States as Actos®. In combination with metformin it is sold as Actosplus Met and when glimepiride is added, it is marketed as Duetact.

The label says that the drug should not be prescribed for patients who have bladder cancer and should be used with caution in patients who have a history of the disease.

The label adds that patients are encouraged to call their doctor if they have “any sign of blood in the urine or a red color in the urine or other symptoms such as new or worsening urinary urgency or pain on urination since starting pioglitazone, as these may be due to bladder cancer.”

French regulators took the drug off the market in June after an ongoing study showed the risk of bladder cancer increased in patients on pioglitazone.

And, in the European Union in July, the European Medicines Agency, while not banning the sale of the drug, said it was going to change the warnings on the drug. The agency said that the risk-to-benefit advantages of the drug still warranted keeping it on the market so long as the risks were taken into account “by appropriate patient selection and exclusion.”

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If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking the diabetes drug Actos®, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Call us toll free at 1 (855) 839-9097, or complete the form below.

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